The Secret To Get Your Posts Read

The key to get posts read online is its headline. Nextiva has written a post with 20 words to use to get your content read.
The key to getting any business content read is its headline. Take a lesson from print media, articles with boring titles never get read.

Here are 20 words to make sure that prospects and customers read what your company posts:


  • Numbers:  3, 5, 7 or 10 are a clear winners. Even numbers are less popular. Every reader wants a simple step by step list to accomplish their task.


  • Easier: They want your business to make it easier for them. They seek an easier way out or an easier way to solve their pain.


  • Rock star: Most customers have a secret desire to be a famous rock star even if it is only in their immediate world. They will pay anyone to get there.


  • Capture: The best word to help customers get what they desire. It denotes things that are not easy to accomplish.


  • Killer: This is a powerful, yet controversial word. It can backfire if used in times of domestic violence.


  • Secrets: Every customer wants to learn the secret formula that not everyone else knows so they can benefit from it.


  • Perfection: Consumers are always striving for this ideal. They know they can’t really achieve it, but it does not stop them looking for help to get it.


  • Quick: Customers have no time. They want something fast (see “Easy”). This can be learned from the popular fast and prepared food craze.


  • Dangerous: Many customers lead fairly mundane lives and seek safety. They want to read about dangerous things they should avoid.


  • Clever: Customers hope to gain an advantage by being cleverer than the next person. This is a quality that is almost universally admired.


  • Next level: Every customer wants to go up, forward and to the next higher level. They will buy whatever can help them get there.


  • Guarantee: This helps mitigate the risk a customer is taking in their purchase. If the results are “guaranteed”, they feel more comfortable to act.


  • Boost: Customers want quick help to get higher. The “boost” is a popular and warm image from childhood.


  • Latest: Many customers are addicted to the “shiny object syndrome” and always want the latest and greatest. Companies feed that desire.


  • Mega: Americans always like things which are large. In fact, the bigger, the better. Many believe that a higher quantity means increased value.


  • Absolutely: A better way of saying “the best”. It leaves no room for doubt.


  • Ridiculous: Customers like to hear about the “crazy” so they can pass along these stories to friends and associates.


  • VIP: Every customer wants to be part of something that not all people can join. It makes them feel special.


  • Limited time: Customers will act if they believe there is scarcity.


  • Worst: Unfortunately, people are more attracted to the negative, than the positive. This is the basis of the popularity of every reality TV show.