Subliminal Messages In Logos

Whether you realize it or not, a brand’s logo speaks to the consumer on many levels. There’s the recognizability factor, if a logo is too complex or unrelated to its brand, it risks being glanced over without communicating its brand’s message. But a closer look at some logos reveals a subtle marketing tactic.

Is a brand with tortilla chips and (more recently) dips produced by Frito-Lay

Chips should be shared with friends and family. In this logo you can see the two T’s symbolizing two people sharing a chip over a bowl of salsa.

Is a well known shipping and logistic company.

FedEx is delivering from point A to B. In this logo they use the negative space between the E and the X to make an arrow symbolizing moving.

Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate bar brand owned by Mondelēz International

In the logo you can see a mountain, Matterhorn, within the mountain you can see a bear climbing. Illustrating the brands heritage, their HQ is based in Bern. The city of bears.

4. Hersey’s kisses
Hershey’s Kisses is a brand of chocolate manufactured by The Hershey Company

In this logo they use the negative space between the K and the I to symbolize the shape of the Hersey’s kisses.

5. NBC
A TV network

The logo shows a peacock with the colored parts as feathers. They’ve had their logo since 1956 and the reason why they choosed a peacock was to symbolize the switch from black and white to color TVshows. The six different colored feathers symbolized the company’s six divisions at the time.

6. Le Tour de Francé
Is the worlds top cycling race.

If you look closely in the logo, you can se a man sitting on his bike. The O is the back wheel, the U the saddle, the R the man and the yellow the front wheel.


Is an American international electronic commerce company .

You can buy everthing at and this is shown in their logo as well. By showing an arrow between A and Z they are saying that you can find “everything from A to Z”

You may have noticed the subliminal features of some of these designs in the past. But have you looked hard enough to see them all? Do you know other logos that hides hidden symbols or messages?