Seminar: Mindblowing Communication

Straylight is known for having popular seminars and in June we’re talking about “Mindblowing Communication” for brand owners.
The seminar will be held Thursday 12th of June at World Trade Center in Stockholm and one of the speakers is Markus Kivikangas, CSO at the Finnish neuroscience company Exakti Oy.

1. You’re speaking about value propostion at the seminar. What is value proposition and why is it so important to pre-test?

It’s widely known that many product launches fails, according to one study made by Schneider Associates in 2011 75% fails and only 3% are highly successful. It’s a tough market where every company is trying to launch the next product with the big P. Value proposition is about finding the product’s USP (Unique Selling Point) that attracts both consumers’ rational behavior but also their habitual and unconscious one.

There must be a convincing reason why the customer needs to buy, wants to buy and should buy the product.

2. How can value proposition with EEG benefit companies? 

According to senior sales and marketing executives, a weak value proposition has the greatest negative impact on branding and sales.

Marketing communication should be an investment of money in order to gain profitable returns over time, not a gamble.

It isn’t possible to create effective value propositions with traditional methods, because people are fundamentally incapable of telling whether a value proposition is effective or not, much less why!

3. What’s the difference with traditional tests and your test?

As I mentioned earlier, people can’t tell if a value proposition is effective or not. It isn’t their intention to lie but often they are biased in their answers. Therefore, with traditional tests, you wouldn’t know how your product’s value propositions have a positive or negative impact on customers. When we test value proposition with EEG you can reach the customers’ unconscious thoughts and reactions.

Companies spend so much in advertisements, such as TVC’s, so they should expect to have return on their investment. With Exakti’s Value Proposition test, you can avoid mistakes such as determining the wrong pricing strategy, having the wrong packaging or wrong design.

The test should be done before a TVC or new product is launched. We know how to increase the chances of your new product to succeed.

4. Can you give us an example when this method is (and has been) useful?

Sure! A client was about to launch a new Mercedes-Benz A series. They wanted to know on what basis they should build the sales of the product, especially when sold to men/women. Together with our client, we pre-recorded video files of a person introducing the car and its qualities. We tested the videos with EEG and found really guiding insights to use in their upcoming sales strategy. Most notably was how the different sales propositions had different impact on the genders..

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