IAT helps marketers understand the fast intuitive thinking

Our brains are programmed to be “lazy” and to avoid efforts like deliberate thinking.  Scientists agree on that only a small part of our decisions are based on conscious rational thinking. Consequently traditional marketing research has a problem predicting and understanding decisions and behaviour.

One research solution is IAT (Implicit Association Test) which helps marketers understand the important fast intuitive thinking. Since intuitive thinking often controls conscious thinking, the method has a high degree of explanation of both preferences and behaviours.

The method is build on showing selected images or words before asking a question. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Implicit-association_test.

Often we combine implicit research with traditional explicit questionnaires. When the explicit and implicit response coincides, the probability is very high that we have received a correct response to how customers will respond and act on a stimulus or trigger.

IAT solves the can’t say and won’t say problem of traditional research and is an established method used by the international top brands.

By supplementing your toolbox with an Implicit Association Test (IAT), you can easily increase the quality of your research, gain insights you have not thought of and at the same time achieve more secure results.

The IAT test is easy to carry out and is used to test designs, advertisements, concepts or offers.