Face to Face interviews creates ideas and insights

Interviews and focus groups should always be used when you need more knowledge about how your customers think.

Straylight can help you with all types of qualitative research like; usability testing on a website, analyse the shape of a logo, test the feel of an ad, understand odor preferences or to understand the experience of touching a surface.

We offer quick solutions through partners who can find representative participants from almost all target groups. Our moderators can interpret both direct and indirect responses, like fascial reactions and body language.

People can’t say what they think and not think what they feel. In order to get a true picture of how customers think, we observe facial expressions, posture, voice positions and movement patterns along with the answers of direct questions.

Face to Face can be used for almost every research objective, but it is important to remember that the result is build on what a few people say. It is risky to draw conclusions about the entire market with a focus group as the sole basis.