Face to Face interviews create more ideas and insights

Interviews and focus groups should always be used when you need more knowledge about  how your customers think. They provide space for discussion and open-ended questions and are used when there is a need for profound insights. Personal interviews are often conducted in a shopping mall, at home or at someone’s workplace.

People cant say what they think not hink what they feel. In order to get a true picture of how customers think, we observe facial expressions, posture, voice positions and movement patterns along with the answers of direct questions.

Straylight can help you with al types of qualitative research: usability testing on a website, analyse the shape of a logo, test the feel of an ad, understand the smell in a package or the touch of a surface.

We offer quick solutions through partners who can find representative participants from almost all target groups. Our moderators and interviewers are senior and experienced marketers who can interpret both direct responses as well as the respondent’s responses in voice and posture.




Qualitative research is great for testing


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QUANTITATIVE INSIGHTS We offer valid panels for sampling, design short and smart questionnaires and deliver reports with insights. We are experts in creating questionnaires that work and have long experience in Brand tracking, Product tests, Advertising tests, Media tests and Design tests. International companies use us for coordinating research all over the Nordic countries. Big brands […]

Eye tracking

EYE TRACKING INSIGHTS Eyetracking offers a unique opportunity to objectively measure consumers’ attention and spontaneous reactions. You don’t have to ask customers to remember their reactions or try to describe how they really thought. Eyetracking follows the movements of the eye and gives you insights on what will be noticed. This is vital information as what […]


Many needs and problems lie beneath the surface and can only be detected in a personal meeting.

If you need a deep and multifaceted picture of your customers’ opinions and preferences, you should use a  qualitative Face to face survey. It will be based on personal conversations directly with the target group and conducted in a group discussions or an in-depth interview. You will gain clear insights in how you target group reason and plan.



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Great method when for development of new ideas, products and services.

Face to face and Eyetracking are a good combination. Eyetracking provides invaluable information about what to focus on in a conversation.

Face to Face can be used for almost every need, but it is important to remember that the result is just what  a few people say.

It is risky to draw conclusions about the entire market with a focus group as the sole basis.


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