Did Bob Dylan write about neurobranding?

No he didn’t, but I like some lines from the Bob Dylans Nobel lecture 2017 that could be used when talking about neurobranding. If you use his lines and replace the word “song” with “brand”, you get a really good story about brand building and what to aim for.

”If a brand (song) moves you, that’s all that’s important. I don’t have to know what a brand (song) means. I’ve written all kinds of things into my brands (songs). And I’m not going to worry about it – what it all means”.

”……I don’t know what it means, either. But it feels (sounds) good. And you want your brands (songs) to feel (sound) good.”

These days of digital marketing it may be good to recall that branding always will involve a creative process.

When the creatives reflect our emotions and is build on our sub conscious decision making, the brand will grow and sales will take off accordingly.

Thank you Bob!

Magnus Ernestam, Straylight 2018