Cialdini In Practise: Tupperware

How did Tupperware become so successful? If you’v read my previous posts about Cialdini you will know see how his 6 principles of persuasion can be used..

However, Tupperware was ahead of their time.

The saleswoman Brownie Wise first came up with the “Tupperware party” idea in the early 1950s. She suggested that Tupperware sellers would ask housewives around the United States to invite their girlfriends for a small gathering.

When the guests arrived the Tupperware seller should hand out small gifts (reciprocity).

Then the seller presented, along with the hostess, the amazing products. And the guests were invited to tell what benefits they could see with the products. (commitment and consistency)

The hostess received a small commission on sales, which made her more motivated to both speak well about the products and buy them herself. (authority)

Guests simply did not want to leave the event without buying something – but not because the products were so amazing, or that the seller was so good, but because they liked the hostess. (liking)

As soon as a couple of the guests bought the Tupperware products it simplified the buying decision for the rest of the group. (social proof)


Learn about Cialdini’s principles and I’m sure I can benefit in your business!