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Don’t ask the consumer

The unconscious mind, by definition, is not accessible to conscious introspection. Therefore people in the experiments described in previous blogs had not been aware of its influence nor of the experimental design they were participating in. So if the unconscious mind is not passing the information to the conscious level, how to master it consciously? […]

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Lies we tell ourselves

I recently read an article about lies we tell ourselves, which lead me in to the many other articles we’ve written about neuromarketing and behavioral economics. One of the lies is that we like to think that we are rational. That we are weighing the facts, do an analysis of potential consequences and make good […]

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How Do You Know If Your Ad Money Are Wasted?

  You have most certainly heard the famous, although a bit worn quote of John Wanamaker: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. Although Mr. Wanamaker’s point may first appear to be true, let us dig a little deeper on the topic. Wikipedia defines advertising […]

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How Does The Unconscious Influence Your Customers’ Behavior?

One of the most well-known research examples is the experiment James Vicary conducted in 1957 at a movie theater. During the movie Vicary presented messages so briefly that people were not aware of them, urging viewers to purchase popcorn and Coca-Cola. As a result, he claimed, sales figures of those items increased significantly. Although five years […]

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Google is winning

Google is a winning company and we understand why. A little more than two years ago, in January 2011, Larry Page took over the title CEO after Eric Schmidt. This was a time when Google had to fight towards brands such as Facebook, which stole both employees and users. Google’s Android grew but Apple kept […]

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Neurometrics: Reading Consumers

In this article I will, in a simple way, try to explain something that is usually described more complex. And the processes are academic, they are complex and essentially require some underlying understanding of how our brains work. Neurometrics is based on measuring the brain’s electrical activity and neurological responses. Certain frequencies of brain waves […]

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