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This is the Straylight blogg page with insights we would like to share with you. We are interested in the boarder line between marketing, behavioral economics and neuro science. Happy reading.


Consuming Flow

When you are about to buy a new smartphone, you end up comparing different models against each other. They have basically the same technology. They look the same. It won’t really matter which you choose. So, you trust your gut feeling and make your decision. Why did the first one feel better than the second […]

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How Goals Can Decrease Your Sales

You are exercising. Only three pushups left before you have reached your goal: Twenty-five pushups! Two… One… Twenty-five! Finally, you can relax. You have reached your goal. But, what if you had set the goal to be thirty pushups, then you would still have five pushups left. Or, what if your goald had been fifteen […]

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Consuming Goals

Well well, you have decided to do twenty pushups. Why twenty? Is it a decent goal? How eager are you to do five extra, after that you have reached your goal? To set goals, strive towards them and finally reach them, is a classic trick to get things done. It can be for exercising, productivity, […]

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Conceptual Consumption: Expectations

Imagine yourself in a drug store. You are about to buy medicine for your long-lasting cold. Between a sniffle and a sneeze, you look at two alternatives. One is sold by ordinary price. Next to it, you see a similar one, for a reduced price. They look almost the same, they contain the same ingredients […]

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Conceptual Consumption: Taste

When you taste a tasty drink, is it really the taste that matters? It might sound like a stupid question. The answer seems obvious. Of course it is the taste that determines if a drink is tasty or not. But wait a second, is it really that easy? As a matter of fact, the expectations […]

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Conceptual Consumption: Select a Cookie

Imagine yourself at a table together with a friend. Between you on the table, there is a cookie. You can see it. Big, round, with brown chocolate-crisps and crunchy nuts. Oh yes, you can see it clearly, right? But how, from a psychological standpoint, do you see the cookie? You and your friend can see […]

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