Neuro Ad Test


Neuromarketing reveals if the creative ideas really work in the moment of truth, in all touch points. The time when the creative departments can work without test support is changing.


More and more brands are testing their marketing material by assessing the reaction of consumers on the basis of brain activity. It tells them if an ad, a sign, a film or a product design succeeds in activating attention, impulses to act and if it's leading to memory formation. The Straylight Neuro TVC test reach in to the non-conscious mind and predicts how the brains autopilot will react on the stimuli, something that can’t be measured by traditional research techniques such as asking about ad recall.

The competitive landscape turns the spotlight towards the ad agency

A good presentation breaks through and can make a do or die difference for a brand in a competitive situation. In the old days could a mediocre presentation create results. The media competition wasn’t as high as today and the sales context was uncomplicated. But that’s history and new tools are needed. The new landscape has made it much harder to solve an observation or message problem by increasing media budgets. That turns the spotlight on the ad agency. Is the creative solution really working? Traditional question based research has failed in producing validated insights.

Now brain science has given us new possibilities to understand how marketing material should be constructed. The time is here for focusing on how the material is produced. How is the new key word for success, more important that what and why. Without a good concept hand crafted from the creative agency the investment will be lost.

The most common research areas for the Straylight Nero Test:


Neuromarketing creates new and more relevant ways to explore TV commercials. It's now possible to examine which bits and pieces works and also what is the total efficiency of a TVC. We show which frames or sequences is creating engagement and which leads to a drop in emotional engagement. The knowledge allows us to make corrections and put the best pieces together in new versions. Media is expensive, we show how well the TVC uses the 20-30 seconds of broadcasting. The top performing TVC's creates very strong brain impulses during a few seconds, we show if your TVC has that power. The Neuro Test includes EEG, Eye-Ttracking and explicit Associations.


Product design is one of the most important test areas in general. And now it's possible to create true insights of which designs work in terms of attention, emotional engagement and impuls creation. Different design routs may be examined, details between new design proposition may be evaluated and the competitiveness of a design may be audited. Unpredictable focus groups or hard interpret quantitative statistic can be replaced by a much more modern way of making sure that the design works. The Neuro Test includes EEG, Eye-Ttracking and explicit Associations.


An offer or a proposition may be formulated in many ways. Even though different headline options of an ad may mean the same thing, the effectiveness of different formulations are significant. A brand statement correctly formulated has much better way to create intended image and impulses than a not working formulation. The Neuro Test makes it possible to identify the best possible proposition for any situation it could be ads, tag lines, brand propositions etc. With traditional research methodology has this type of analysis a hard time to create relative results. The Neuro Test turns the spotlight on the copywriter.

Point of aleS

Whithin a sales context it's extremely important to create both attention and positive impulses to reach for the product. The Neuro Test is the best way of making sure that the competitiveness of the marketing material is high in the sales touch point. This is a research area where traditional methods fails. But neuro testing creates true insights of how to create sales boosting material. The test comprehend EEG, Eye-Tracking and explicit Associations.

Print and on-line ads

Ads have a major challenge within that people have learned how they look and are experts in avoiding them. The neuro analysis shows if the design and text solution have the power to reach in the brains of the reader by creating attention, positive feelings and approach behavior. The test comprehend EEG, Eye tracking and explicit Associations.


The report and it's three parts

The Neuro Test may be the most powerful and insight creating tool available outside the academic world.  We create insights of how the brain reacts to marketing material in every part and as a unit. The result is presented in a detailed PPT report including film recordings, insights and conclusions.
The report comprehends three research areas: EEG, Eye-Tracking and explicit Associations.
The analysis is usually presented in a workshop with the client and the advertising agency

1. EEG

Cutting edge EEG-methodology makes it possible to analyze how the brain is activated. It will give you in depth understanding on how the stimuli is mentally perceived by recording relevant brain signals with medical grade equipment. The insights are build around three basic brain reactions: Attention: Will you notice? Want: Will you engage? Memory: Will you remember?

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2. Eye-Tracking

The Neuro Test includes Eye-Tracking to make i possible to draw conclusions based on what is really noticed in a stimuli. By observing and recording how the gaze of individuals behaves we are able to draw conclusions around the visibility of specific elements. Branding issues and also message understanding can have new explanations.

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3. Association Test

We use the Ideometrics test to create an in-depth message understanding. By asking the respondents to freely associate around the stimuli we create an image of what is consciously perceived when the stimulis are in focus. The test gives a great understanding of the direct and in-direct messages and also of how brand relevant the message is.

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How is your visual identity working? Is the TVC concept doing it´s job? Is the logo distinctive and is the designprogram contributing? Make an audit and find new insights of why things are working or not.






Before launching a campaign or investing in new marketing ideas it´s wise to test them because the first version is rarely the best. You can detect a success or a failure before it happens with Straylight's Neuro Test. 



To evaluate how a campaign or a marketing investment is doing you need relevant KPI's reveling true insight to take the right decision. It´s just as important to test with a good method as having a general ambition to test.


New versions

Even if you have a tested concept there is big risk the updated material fails.  The Neuro Ad tests gives you essential information on how new versions should be executed. Have you tested your YouTube extended version?