IAT helps marketers understand the fast intuitive thinking

Our brains are programmed to be “lazy” and to avoid conscious thinking and most of our decisions are intuitive, fast and subconscious. The scientists agree on that only a small part of our decisions are based on conscious rational thinking. Consequently traditional marketing research has a problem predicting and understanding decisions and behaviour.

IAT helps marketers understand fast paced intuitive thinking. Since intuitive thinking often controls conscious thinking, the method has a high degree of explanation.

The method is to quickly display selected images or words before asking a question. The importance of images and words will affect the speed and ability to respond correctly. It allows you to see how intuitive decision-making influences decisions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Implicit-association_test.

Often we combine implicit questions with explicit ones. When the explicit and implicit response coincides, the probability is very high that we have received a correct response to how customers will respond and act on a stimulus or trigger.

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Implicit (IAT) research is great for testing


Use Straylight Implicit Association Test for


Eye tracking

Implicit testing is good for new concepts

We always recommend our customers to use Implicit Association Testing before introducing new concepts, new brand identity or new packaging.

We test brands, logos, designs, advertisements, etc.

IAT also creates insights about abstracts like colors, shapes and figures.


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The IAT provides four basic answers

Valence – If the overall impression is positive or negative.

Relevance – How relevant it is to the customer.

Emotions – Link to different emotions.

Associations – Link to different associations.


Method Partner

Method partner for IAT is Sentient Decisions Science from Boston, who has developed world-leading technology and expertise for IAT. All surveys are conducted with their Sentient Prime tool.

Straylight has been working with neuromarketing for the past 5 years. In the Nordic countries, we have implemented IAT over the past four years mainly for advertising and brand development.


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