- A tool to create effective advertising

Sorry, we have bad news for you! Most campaigns don't deliver upon their goals and expectations..

People don't observe much of the advertising around them and if they see the ads they often don't know who the sender is. And even if they both observes the ad and recalls the sender they most often don't know what the message was. Take our word for it, in the last 10 years we've been testing many of the major campaigns in the Nordics.

If you're investing in advertising you need to analyze how your campaign is working. You want to know that the money you spend really works. The only way to make sure that campaigns don't fail, and also to create successes once in a while, is to have a good research tool creating decision support for advertising people.

Campaign Performance Management (CPM) is a three step tool that supports the work of creating effective advertisement and provides KPI’s that tell whether an investment has the prerequisites for achieving its goals.  It's a set of traditional online analysis that provide relevant knowledge about the efficiency of the ad investments and insights on how to increase ROMI (return on media investment). CPM supports all decisions in the ad development process to create a really successful campaign.


1. Concept Index

By evaluating the campaign at an early idea stage, and also when the concept is completed or near completion, it is possible to forecast the concept’s chance to success before purchasing media.

Concept Index creates effective ads by showing if the ad evokes positive emotions, is relevant, conveys a clear message, has a clear sender and has the desired effect on behavior. This provides guidance and insights for the currently running campaign, as well as for campaigns that will be launched in the future.

Concept Index shows how favourable prerequisites a concept has by presenting a KPI that can be easily compared with reference values from other successful campaigns.

It's a powerful tool, where creative insights based on empirical findings are being synthesized in an easy and relevant way. This makes the Concept Index practical to utilize during the planning stages of a new ad campaign.

2. Launch Index

No campaigns work well if the organization isn't on the train. We make sure that the advertised message is present also in the sales person-customer meeting, by investigating the knowledge and motivation for the campaign among the sales staff. We have the questions and the benchmarks, you use your internal feedback tools to collect the data. 


3. Campaign Tracker

Tracking the campaign while the media investments are being made enables investment follow-ups, not only after but also during the campaign period. The KPI's reveals if the underlying purpose of the campaign, i.e., observation, sender identity and message comprehension, have been achieved, and how efficiently the financial assets have been used..

Managing your investments in advertising shouldn't be any different from any other investment follow-up's. Straylight Campaign Tracker is frequently used by many of the biggest Nordic brands to maximize the ROMI of an advertising campaign. 

Straylight Campaign Tracker provides you with direct control over your media investments through weekly benchmarking between your business driving KPI and the reference value from other successful campaigns – so that your campaign is launched with the very best premises to achieve its goals.

Straylight Campaign Tracker is based on a few statistics that tell how well the campaign is performing in an uncomplicated manner. Since the evaluation is conducted on a weekly basis, the Campaign Tracker allows you to identify issues at an early stage and make changes in your media planning in time, rather than having to wait until the campaign has ended (along with your media budget).

Campaign Tracker is a quantitative study based on online surveys in the relevant target groups. Our surveys are meticulously designed and programmed to provide useful decision support, fulfill the unique needs of the client, and never requires more than 10 minutes to complete.

The sample size depends on the purpose, but are generally about 100 interviews per week in a Campaign Tracker. Usually we track 6-8 weeks during the media period.

Our reports always follows our fundamental philosophy of relevant simplicity. We always present our conclusions from the Campaign Tracker in a manner that makes them easy to grasp and integrate into your business without ever compromising our high quality standards.


4. Insight Manager

Insight Manager is an insight generating on line tool helping you take control of you marketing research. It’s easy to use providing the graphs and figures you need. It’s has social media functions spreading information and inviting the organization to participate in the insight creation process. Insight Manager is free for all our clients.




Three analysis tools that helps you create effective advertising