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This is the Straylight blogg page with insights we would like to share with you. We are interested in the boarder line between marketing, behavioral economics and neuro science. Happy reading.


Did Bob Dylan write about neurobranding?

No he didn’t, but I like some lines from the Bob Dylans Nobel lecture 2017 that could be used when talking about neurobranding. If you use his lines and replace the word “song” with “brand”, you get a really good story about brand building and what to aim for. ”If a brand (song) moves you, […]

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Nearly 8 out of 10 launches fail in the FMCG business.

More than three in four new FMCG product launches fail in their first year, according to an analysis by Nielsen. Why?   The question arising is of course how this can be possible and also how manufacturers can afford it in today´s highly competitive environment requiring instant distribution and shelf space as well as big […]

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The brand insight guide: Basic, Pro or Expert research?

Don’t miss the opportunity to get help explaining research methods. We have a new easy to read infographic that will help you to connect brand insight objectives with relevant research methods. Print it out and share it when you need to talk about the next research project with your marketing team. Need more information about […]

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Do you also have Flat Brand Tracking?

I am not first on this subject but I strongly believe it´s important to address Flat Brand Tracking, as it may become the death of brand work as it pulls the brand issue out of the boardroom. Who want´s to see flat KPI’s that never will move even though the world is constantly changing? Let´s […]

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Think RECOGNITON for your brand!

RECOGNITION OR RECALL Branding is about creating memories of a product or service. What we previous have experienced and learned have impact on how we behave and take decisions. There are different types of memories but the marketing industry is focused mainly on recall. Almost all brand trackers are built on recall memories only, even […]

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Online helpdesk för marknadsundersökningar

I vår omvärld blir allt fler relationer digitala, chat och bild ersätter fysiska möten. När vi håller kontakten med försäkringsbolaget, besöker doktorn eller kommunicerar med flygbolaget vill vi inte behöva prata. Inte heller Marknadschefer har tid att träffa sina konsulter och söker därför snabba och relevanta relationer via sociala medier. Konsultbranschen möter denna verklighet långsamt […]

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