Every day, you and your colleagues make decisions that influence your reputation. It's vital to have feedback and knowledge about the brand perception among prime target groups and the brands position relative to competing brands. You need to be sure that customer perception is in line with you brand strategy. By continuously measuring your brand with Straylight Brand Tracker you make sure that your organization knows whats happening and you ensure that they deal effectively with any brand issue.


Straylight Brand Tracker is a new, insight oriented way to gather and use the information needed to manage your brand. The method challenges established measurement norms and reveals the potentials of your brand in a different, more cost-efficient way.


The easy to use brand tracker

Simplicity is an important element in brand tracking. Just like doctors often use over-complicated terminology, brand people do the same. But the information provided by Straylight Brand Tracker is clear, relevant and easy to understand, even when passed on to others. When board members, company management, salespersons and brand managers are all using the same language, decisions on what to be done are made more quickly and easily.


The Brand Health KPI's

brand tracker







Six key indicators diagnose the health of the brands being analysed. The diagnosis indicates specific challenges and problems, as well as the overall competitiveness of each brand.


The Brand Image KPI's

 brand image







We diagnose brand image through eight key dimensions that are central to marketing within the industry you are in. Straylight Brand Tracker creates insights of both your and your competitors brand image within the target groups that are of interest.


Insight Manager

Insight Manager is an insight generating on line tool helping you take control of you marketing research. It’s easy to use providing the graphs and figures you need. It’s has social media functions spreading information and inviting the organization to participate in the insight creation process. Insight Manager is free for all our clients.


The foundations of Straylight Brand Tracker



A unique method built on images in daily on-line interviews with your target group.
Brand health

6 key performance indicators that reveal the health of your brand and direct your future actions.
Brand Image

8-point diagnosis of your and your competitors' brand image giving you full control of your position.

An insight creating dashboard solution inspiring real time reaction